Sunday, February 15, 2015

And it's back in the pit..

the fucking quagmire that i just can't ever seem to get completely out of. As as soon as it looks like I might just be edging out, there I slip back again. Why oh why oh why oh why does everyone never communicate with you properly or in a timely fashion or go and change the rules on you mid plan and completely fuck you up? Why? Seriously, not rhetorical, I want to know. More importantly I want to know how to stop it, and more importantly how to get out of this mess that is due entirely to people fucking me around in one way or another, at least 15% of it, definitely. Here I am again, wondering just what the fuck I am to do and what's to become of me. I am in a state of permanent doomdom. It's getting very tiresome.


Anonymous said...

I don't know what to say, other than, people, generally speaking, disappoint. I try not to have too high expectations when promises are made, that way, the impact is lessened when you're let down. But why people are like this I can't say. To coin an over-used phrase, "it is as it is".

Michelle said...

It certainly is, I know it is. I'm more than aware that it is because time after time, it just is, but I can't get rid of this terrible habit I have of believing what people tell me they're going to do. I mean, someone says they'll be over at 7, and then they're not there at 7 and I'm like.. wha? but.. they said? and of course they're not going to be there because no one is there at 7, ever, never in the history of the world are they, but because they said they would be, I believe it. It's a very poor habit to have, it weakens one.

Liama Jhons said...

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