Sunday, February 08, 2015

A kind of rhythm.

I've kind of settled into a way of doing things here. Not so different from the old way of doing things. The surroundings are a little less salubrious, the other human presence is always there but rarely seen, and there's no furry friend always around. I've seen a lot of depots, at the end of the tram lines during times I'm trying to avoid something by doing something which never works out as doing anything because I just get preoccupied and can't concentrate. I'm making slow progress in, stuff, and it's and more problems keep coming up to make things more stressful which I can't do a damn thing about.. no difference there then. Apart from one morning sitting in a cold corridor for 2 hours because of key issues and a day on a set wearing a heavy sack coat that literally dragged me down and gave me a bad back, that's about it. Any dreams of forging out a new exciting life for myself in the shadow of disaster.. are going to have to be worked on.


lekkerman said...

It's good to get a good rhythm going. Just take it nice and easy then who knows… the rhythm might pick up, instilled with more energy, then after a while, even more so, till suddenly, everything explodes and you're overcome with joyous satisfaction. Well… I thought it was a goodish metaphor.

Sorry to hear you've not got a cat around.

Michelle said...

Yes, I'm ok with nice and easy, nice and easy with burdens is less fun. The exploding thing well, let's see though I can understand the temptation for using a metaphor, goodish or otherwise. Though I would call that one greatish, even aweswomish. Just because I like to.

Michelle said...

oh and it was a pretty good day and decent evening coming home, so, I might just survive after all.

lekkerman said...

Thanks for being sweet regarding my iffy metaphor.

I'm pretty sure, if nothing else, you're a survivor. If you can appreciate the day, all is not lost.