Friday, December 26, 2014

This season..

I guess I am enjoying it. A lovely dinner out on xmas eve.. and a lovely snacks and drinks in, with the same people, on xmas day evening. Now we're just.. hanging out. Leftover food and drinks and movies and apart from the cat trying to eat tinsel everything is pretty cool. Of course, everyone leaves just when you're starting to get to know them really well and are getting along with them but that happens, all to often in our little expat corner here, you get used to it, new people come, they hang around for as long as they do and leave just when you realize what super cool people they are.. ok not always but too often.

Enough of that, tis the season to be jolly and we do have drinks so it's all gonna be fine. We even had a bit of snow today (not yesterday on actual christmas though, somehow it never seems to happen) and some sun, which is nice of the weather gods.. and we've for some reason waited on the whole presents thing so still got some prezzies to open.. fun.

So I'll leave you all (heh, you possibly one person more like it, and even that's a stretch) with the usual Merry Christmas, Happy Yule, good times and I hope you have a great 2015, tough I might just pop in and say something before then, but good wishes for the new year all the same.

Cheery bye for now ;)

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