Sunday, December 14, 2014

And back again.

Back to normal, that is in the sense that I have nothing going on nothing to do and nothing to show for myself. It's been a few days or a week or however long since the last thing I had to do in that week of (relative) busy that I had. The last thing was the film, not the film I may have already mention though I'm not sure if I did, but the other one. The one I"m almost certain I didn't mention because I haven't written since before we had even scheduled the shoot let alone.. well anyway it's the other one. The one I worked on with the group,  you know the group I'm in that does films. It went well. At least I think it is, I don't remember that was already a week ago.

That whole week, or week and a bit.. *scratches head wondering just how long it was but not enough to bother to figure it out* was unusual for a week that I'm here alone that is here alone with no other human, I'm not really alone, I am with the kitty, in that I had a fair amount of human interaction, I went out among other people and spoke to them and was in their real physical presence for amounts of time that is typical for the average human, or at least close to it. So, we did the film and..

I came home. That was a week ago. I haven't left since. Well that's not true I've gone out for short walks and to get stuff from the shop, but I haven't said 2 words to any human in physical reality since then. Actually that's not true the words one uses when one is in the shop is more than that, I think, don't remember.. hmmm.. but I haven't interacted with anyone else. I don't think.. *scratches head again*

but not to worry, Cooley is extremely intelligent and she understands a lot about a lot, we've been having some very deep conversations. Mostly about tuna, but everything counts.

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