Sunday, December 21, 2014

Festive schmestive.

I'm honestly not noticing the festive season much this year. The lack of being around other people or in fact getting out at all is the major factor. Well that's why. It's not that I don't know it is or that when I do get out, which is to go to a shop or whatever and I do see isn't christmas trees everywhere or whatever but.. I dunno. It just doesn't seem as much like xmas as often does. That's not a bad thing, I've had a blissful lack of crappy song earworms so far and that is enough to abandon the whole thing altogether as far as I'm concerned. Still..

It's all a factor of me being here alone, not engaging, living in my little bubble with a cat for company. I'm on my own time, and in an alternative though utterly boring reality. I even totally forgot about a whole night out I had last weekend because I was so used to living like this, I tried to rack my brains about the last time I'd been on a tram, or spoken to be people for real and I utterly blanked it.. as well as the worker dudes who came in to replace the water heater but that's a lesser thing.

Of course again I'm making no point. There is non though, not in this particular piece of writing nor in my life. I am not real, my life is not real, I have no purpose.. I'm just here, pottering around day by day being of no consequence. It's not unusual though, it's a microcosm of my life overall.. I am always this, I am always thus. There is simply no reason for me.

Not saying it's necessarily a bad thing, it just is.

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