Tuesday, August 26, 2014

How long?

Just how long does it take 3 guys to put one shitty little window into a tiny room in fact the smallest room in the house with all that entails you know the one which holds the facilities that we all need I mean really need to use every so often? I am asking because it's been 2 hours so far, and apart from the fact I have a ton of shit to do (see illegible scrawl from yesterday) and I can't do anything in much of the flat, can't shower, can't think because there's all this noise oh yeah they're digging up my street! I really really really really need to use the facilities that that room contains.

I should have gone before they came, yes, a sensible person would do that. I however, am not sensible enough to say, put a reminder on my phone that this was happening today, so I of course forgot. And there being a visitor here, someone who we kindly let stay at the last minute for one night 2 nights ago, and there's all this noise going on as they're ripping up our street, so when they buzzed and explained in whatever Slavic language they manage to speak, I had no idea what they were talking about. It did take them forever to get up the stairs, so again, a sensible person would take that opportunity to use said facility. I am no sensible, again, didn't occur to me. I was too busy trying to explain to the visitor, who now decided to leave with a giant backpack, as politely as possible to keep out of the way of work dudes (or just one work dude as I thought at the time) who were coming up the stairs with a lot of equipment, and a window, and then stressing because she then moved exactly right in their way and me being polite said oh could you kindly not do that there because it's in the way so she moved more in the way. Anyway, one of them came, and then we waited until another came, and then the 3rd came and well.. to cut a long story not any shorter because I've already told it all.. they're still doing it. And I had 2 coffees.

Today kind of sucks.


Anonymous said...

Oooh! After all that you had 2 coffees? I know how quickly the dark brew works, so it sounds most uncomfortable.

Is the job finished?

Michelle said...

They finished, not too long after writing, I think, and it was a relief.. and I mean a big relief. They left a big mess though, plaster everywhere, and we had dinner guests last night, not something we do very often here, in case you got that idea, but yesterday, of all days we had a proper dinner here with tablecloths and everything. Just managed to clean up as much as I could, shop and get all the stuff done I was supposed to barely in time. Well the evening was pretty nice anyway, glad to be done with a yesterday type day which I hope doesn't come again too soon.