Sunday, August 03, 2014

One every day.

They say you learn something new every day. I think that perhaps for once, that the elusive "they" might just be right. Of course, perhaps it's not true for everyone, but if you define "something" broadly enough well.. yeah they probably have a point.

My thing that I learned on this day is a new word. Now, I don't know how well this word is and I might come across as horribly unlearned once you realize I didn't formerly know this word, but there you go, how educated or clever or whatever I am, I don't really know, I read stuff or find myself in conversations sometimes where everyone seems to just know stuff that they expect others to just know that I have no idea about, but sometimes I find myself being particularly erudite about a clever sort of thing, history for example, which might be something I just read or watched a documentary on because I'm intellectually curious like that, or that I just know because I did actually go to school once, and I find that people don't know it, so who knows. I know some stuff and I don't know other stuff. Anyway, one of the things I don't know (or at least didn't until I heard of it today) is the word algolagnia.

Do you know it? You know it? Yeah!

Well anyway, the def:

sexual pleasure derived from enduring or inflicting pain, as in masochism or sadism. 
 You perve!

Obviously I'd never heard of such a thing before, because I'm completely innocent of that sort of thing, and it took for me to read about sketchy underground societies in London in the late Victorian to find out about it. Of course, I wasn't expecting to come across quite that. Actually I sort of was, those posh cats, they could get pretty freaky.

Anyway now you know. If you didn't already.


Anonymous said...

Nope I didn't know. I also believe you're totally innocent of such, shall we call them, practices?

So... does it follow then,that "algorithm" means, sexual pleasure derived from humping to a back-beat, or rhythm guitar? I mean, s'kind of logical. Innit.

Anonymous said...

Hey Kat,

Is it something I said?

You always used to be very fastidious in replying to my comments.