Monday, August 25, 2014

The list keeps getting longer.

I have this list. It's something I've been doing for a while, making lists for stuff to do of a day. I've kept them on and off, a day or 2 on, a week off, then one day on, 3 weeks off, and the next month I remember, oh I used to do that I should do it again and I don't bother but the next week I make a list.

I did it for this week, well today and tomorrow so far and it's just so bloody long! You see, things keep getting added to these lists, and yeah, some things get done, a few do, and time just get timed out of usefulness but there are more and more things, always more things and most of the other stuff doesn't get depleted because well.. it doesn't get done. Then there's those repeat tasks but I'm not speaking of those now though I usually don't do those either.

Anyway today's the first day for a month or so I've had it all down on paper (actually a file on the computer) before me and I could blame the fact that we had a last minute request to have someone stay here last night who was supposed to leave early in the morning who actually went off some time in the afternoon (to come back again in the evening which I didn't know of until that time) and she needed to use the computer for a minute and it was more than a minute and then the internet was down for a bit and when it came back she need to get back on and send that email, or that.. no I don't have another excuse, well I could blame that for me not getting started, on this Monday, this Monday of this week I was once and for all going to get down to business and get all those things done and move forward with a new take on life but really it's because I'm lazy and I get too caught up in useless stuff. Well it is a little bit of the fault fo the situation ie the one where they said they'd meet us in this bar nearby around 8 and then it became 8 to 9 and then it was 10 and then 11:30 and then it was a bit after that, which was ok.

So anyway, I may have gotten one of today's things done, and I'm off to do another. Hopefully before everyone comes home I'll have polished off at least 2 more from the list. At least started one of them.

Oh yeah and I'm writing, I might continue to. I think I've forgotten how.


Anonymous said...

"Rambles on unintelligibly as is my wont". I have a "wont" too, to do certain things. You know, no matter how much you read, you'll rarely ever find other people who have a "wont", you noticed that? So I'm kind of proud that I'm in one of the most elite groups ever. Actually, I thought I was the only one and all the others had long since died. So Imagine my surprise and delight to find you had a "wont" too.

Writing lists is an end in itself I think. Not that I ever do them, but I kind of intuit this. My thing, or if you like, "wont", is to constantly rewrite personal profiles on the various "social" sites I use. I think this has become a substitute for posting blogs :)

Michelle said...

I never saw a wont as something that was so rare, but perhaps it depends on how you describe it, few people would describe their wonts and wonts whether they are really wonts or not, so I suppose we are a select few, and if that means I'm part of an o so selective club well, I'll go along with that.