Monday, March 08, 2010

The most annoying thing about having to be online in a public place..

like an internet cafe.. apart from not being able to get online whenever one wants with ease, numerous times a day, and having to pay, using an unfamiliar computer and not knowing what you're going to get (seriously some of these computers are shit) and the people smoking in them, having limitations on what sites you can get into (not so many but there a couple of things I need to know that I can't find out) not having your own customized stuff in front of you, people chatting on skype or just on the phone with each other, people who have headphones on through which you can hear the music in a tinny high pitched tone and people sending long messages on their phone (twice) without changing the settings to get rid of the beer sound is...

actually, I think apart from that it's just fine.

Oh and sometimes not being able to get your language on the comp. That too.

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