Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Tuesday SQNEA #8 - Pies, are they really that easy?

Some things are as easy as pie. People have told me, so I know it's true, but just what does that mean?

Pies are easy, that's the claim, or so it's greatly insinuated when someone extorts the easiness of an activity by comparing it to "pie" but, just what does that mean???

First of all, what is pie? "A" pie is a.. well pie, a food thing. "Pie" is the stuff that "a pie" is made from. And it's easy. How is it easy? It's not an activity, it's a thing, or stuff. It can't be easy, not in and of itself. It must mean something in relation to what is done to or with pie.

We eat pie. Eating is generally not seen as a difficult thing so that might be the reason, but why pie? Why not say as easy as eating? When you specify pie, it means that it's easy to eat in comparison with eating other food stuffs. Is it? No, I don't think so. Perhaps it's not particularly difficult, though some can have a hard crust, but it's not easier than eating say... a sandwich? So what?

A pie has to be made. Making food can be easy, I mean it's not rocket science, and if you don't happen to be a talented rocket scientist who is a bit of a disaster in the kitchen it's a lot easier than said science. Some things are difficult to cook, and some are easy, relatively. Is pie one of those things? I've never made pie, but it doesn't actually look like one is easy to make, I mean you have to make a crust and all.. and comparing it to stuff that's easy to cook, like say.. pasta, I don't think it's easy at all. In fact, it seems kinda difficult.

So just why is pie easy?

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