Wednesday, August 12, 2009


My home, is "literally" making me sick!

Making me sneeze, nose run, itchy eyes. Especially around the bedroom area (yes the bedroom is an "area" and not a room, bohemian artist dwellings like) where of course it has a major effect on me.

It's dust, and/or cat hair. It's always been here it just seems like there must be more now because it didn't effect me so much before. About a month and a half ago it started getting noticeable. We've tried to clean up as much as we can but it doesn't appear to be helping. Possibly it's because cleaning up the dust means kicking up more dust into the air which is where it has the most effect so perhaps it will settle eventually and as there will be less things will get better. I dunno.

All I know is it sucks. And I'm fed up! *pounds fist in air*

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