Sunday, November 29, 2015

The Meaning Of It All.

Why oh why oh why did I ever start this. Out of all the things I over the years could have made a consistent effort of getting done, it has to be this thing, and by thing I mean a loose collection of semi related activities, they can be grouped as a thing, somehow. Completely useless the thing, of course, it doesn't pay, doesn't help the world, it's just wasting time on the internet. I've been slack about even that, lately, but no matter how lazy I get the milestones always get me, anniversaries.. birthdays. Now I have the pressure on, the year I've turned is the exact number that Douglas Adams chose at random to represent high minded meaningful meaningfulness in a humorous and ridiculous way and I feel obligated to say something witty and like, relevant and stuff about it. Well I can't think of anything so I'm not going to bother.


Anonymous said...

42. You've entered the golden age of womanhood. Finally, you're ripe. Of course, that's the perspective from a sixty something, but we have been around long enough to warrant taking notice of, haven't we? :)

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday! Hope things will all work out! You live in a beautiful place!