Monday, March 16, 2015

Too busy living..

Yes, that's it. I don't write because I actually have a life. Well I have a job. I spend a lot of time hanging around "the square" not getting paid, to be honest. Well, sometimes I do. The rest of the time for the most part I've been spending it quietly, if you don't count the week or so I became obsessed with a particular instrument and spent a lot of time learning a few things on it, and once or twice I actually socialized with real people. Otherwise, just hanging out, wasting time. Still in transition, no idea what will become of me by the rest of the month but from this morning I have (I think, I hope) one less thing to worry about, I'm blissfully feeling terrible, but it's great, and it's great. I have plans, oh so many ambitious plans, and I'm seriously thinking about planning a time when I sit down and really consider how I'm going to maybe write down a list of when and how I'm going to maybe implement some of these things.. yes, I'm here bitchez, I'm gonna be out there! That's pretty much it.


lekkerman said...

I suppose "being out there" is better than stopping in. Maybe I'll try it when I can find the motivation.

Good luck.

Michelle said...