Wednesday, October 08, 2014

That's Life.

Well, it seems things have pretty much changed. Barely a week ago I was in a funk, a slump, a.. something else that means more or less the same thing with one syllable that has a snappy sound. Then circumstances changed and that particular thing went away.

Then I was required to be places, and travel on buses, early! I wouldn't anymore have any free time to do my own thing over the day, from chillin in comfort to doing all the research and study and practice and editing and writing that I totally intended to do every day that would bring.. well that eventually would lead to something. And of course, starting something new is always stressful for me. I started and it seemed I was going ok, then I wasn't sure, then I'm in that position I always am with everything where I'm not sure about something, don't know whether to ask or just do it or what. still, seemed to work out so far.

Then I got a phone call about one of those annoying, worrying things to do with official stuff that now I have to worry about. Actually it was something I already had to worry about just now I have to worry about it more.

So, life goes on. Had a weekend, fun and relaxing despite the things I had to worry about, but I lost my hat. a day trip that took me out of the city for the first time this year, I think. That was pleasant, I have lots of photos. Then back to work. Still no progress on the thing I need to worry about more, nice of them to call on a Friday before a Monday I would be out of town.... and I didn't get my hat back.

Now today I'm working from home, for about who knows how long, it's raining, which doesn't bother me too much, considering the timing works out for me. No money yet, and I've completely ran out of my film money from the summer but we have plenty of stuff in the house for once so I can live with that. Soon, when I get the link I will start doing what I'm supposed to do the next few days and see if it's really difficult or annoying or interesting or if it takes me so much longer to do it than usual or what. So, a bit of this a bit of that, worries, joy, loss, fun stuff. That's just life. I really would like my hat back though.

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