Friday, September 19, 2008

Rum, cabin boys and lots o' fish..preferably tuna..

"Ahoy! me maties.. I hope you're havin' a fine day today. "

If you're wonderin' why I'm speakin' oddly it's because I'm a pirate. No really I am.

Ok, I'm just celebratin' talk like a Pirate Day! A little thin' that people do if they're nerdy enough.. and, if you know me as well as I do.. then it's quite clear that I'm more than nerdy enough.

But that's not all....

Oh what an excitin' day it is.. not only be it an internationally observed holiday for all pirates and buckos of.. it's all a very special little rascal's birthday....

Her Coolness

She's 2 today. And in the spirit of.. well.. just spirit.. she's a pirate today too.


Oh dear another filler post.. *sighs*

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Anonymous said...

cute cat. Reminds me of this fight this cat had a printer.

check it out