Monday, September 15, 2008

Bit o' nerdism for Monday.

Flounce. I love this word, it's so flexible and so expressive. It came to my attention when I used it the other day. My use of the word was one of it's modern, internet related version, when someone on a site I contribute to regularly considered it necessary to tell the folk of the forum that they thought it sucked and they were leaving.. actually there were a few people who did this, and I left a comment about all these people who have to do the "flounce".. like we give a shit why they're leaving.. I used it without really thinking.. subconsciously being aware that the word was sorta suitable..

so, I was talking about this incident and the word with my significant other one evening.. as you do.. and he decided to look up the word in the Urban Dictionary. We found..

2. Flounce When a member of an online community announces they are leaving, usually after a protracted disagreement with other members of the community.
"I'm gone. You all enjoy your little discussions."
So I was surprisingly accurate! It wasn't the only definition.. in fact there are 6 on the page, most of which I've never hard.. but I really liked this one..

1. flounce: A person who is annoying bouncy when annoyed or way too excited about lame stuff!
"Heather is one big flounce!"
Hehe.. lame stuff. I am afraid that.. according to this definition, in light of this very blog post.. I could accurately be referred to as "a flounce".

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