Friday, October 10, 2008

Now that's my kind of word.

A recent word o' the day, which I felt compelled to rouse myself from my blogging slumber for..

The use of many words to express an idea that might be
expressed by few; indirect or roundabout language.
In other words.. when one is trying to say something and it comes out in a way which.. and there are many ways you can do this depending on your background, personality, or other things which influence the way you tend to express yourself.. but I won't get into that now.. let's just put it this way.. a circumloculater (if in fact that is a word.. and I have my doubts, but let's just say for the purposes of this excercise that a circumloculater is "one who circumlocutates (not sure if that's a word either.. oh well) and anyway.. where were we.. oh yeah.. the "circumloculater".. a circumloculator will get something in their head which they wish to express to those they are in company with, and instead of telling them.. I mean, not instead of but.. I mean they tell them but they tell them in a way which includes a whole lot of extra information which may or may not be relevant.. a bunch of non-sequiturs, unfinished thou.. you get what I mean. In short, they go on. And on and on and on.. and then start talking in another direction. They may or may not use paragraph breaks :)

And that's it. I could probably get into it more but at present I haven't the time.


Ronald said...

Nice to see you again. It's a good word, one of the best, although that's a relative statement, and it's veracity depends on whether you like words or not which, as it happens, I do. But others, and I'm sure many of them are silent readers of this blog - though when I say silent, they may in fact be noisy, belching farting and possibly whooping as they peruse its posts; I mean they're silent in the sense they never comment - are philistines which, by the way, is another relative term. So where am I? Where was I? and didn't you murder my brother? Oh yes, I'malone in the hills of Wales, though when I say 'alone' I mean there's an absence of company in my immediate vicinity, human company that is, as I don't count the thousands of sheep in the hills, plus the inevitable foxes, badgers, bats, various insects that populate just about every square inch of rural land and, lastly but not leastly - or is that least? - the token perv, who for me, being a judgemental twat, is not human. Good to have you back.

Michelle said...


Michelle said...

Oh and thanks for popping and saying.. what you said.. and at length too :) it's encouraging to have people respond.. yay! someone's still reading!

Ronald said...

It's nice to comment again despite my writing lacking substance, but then, that's what I do best.

I'm still peeking at you regularly (as you must know) but somehow, I can't always find anything to say. Oh well, that's me, complex... but essentially harmless.