Saturday, April 05, 2008

Another photo.

Because I can.



Eric Hancock said...


Ronald said...

Times change. I remember the old days whne you used to do "silly" ever so well. And you also had, "oh I'm so talentless but secretly know I'm clever", down to a fine art. It made commenting-life so easy for me. But now, as with everything else in the Universe, change has its wicked way. No doubt you've moved on to better things, but I cant' help feel It's a little sad ... like when you find a great cafe or pub... and next thing you know, they close down, or refurbish, usually to pull in a younger set.. they're never the same again. Why oh why can't life be all about me, me, me, catering to my demands? Sigh. Oh well, good luck. Nice pic by the way, black and white suits you.