Monday, December 31, 2007

Must not succumb.. must not succumb..

Take your pick

to dorkiness...

oh fuck.. I can't help it.

Right. So last year I gave myself the easiest possible fucking resolutions I could, in order that I might fulfill some. I actually did, but failed in half of them anyway, and I wasn't going to do it this year because (see yesterday) it's too depressing and if I fail (which I will) everything will be a disaster.

But, being a dork I am unable to resist doing the theme thing, so I have to come up with something, but instead of being sensible and going for something remotely attainable, I'm just going to go all out.

*In the coming year I will get a significant role in a semi major motion picture, which will pay extremely well and boost my *career* to a level where I will be getting regular fun, fulfilling and extremely well paid acting work. Being so sort after I will also be able to spend more time writing plays, perhaps a novel and making some short films of my own that will be very well received. Though I will be quite busy doing all this work that will bring me all sorts of acclaim and lots of money, I won't have to do anything else so I will spend the time blogging, taking photos, both which I will get much better at, and get a lot more notice due to my *fame*. I will also have the time and money to travel, and hang out and generally have fun.


werewolf said...

Sought after.


Michelle said...

Oh bugger.. now I can't even spell properly.. *slaps self*..