Saturday, September 01, 2007

Nothing to say, nothing going on.

So I'll leave you with some links.

I write some stuff for other sites every now and again. Well, I wrote a few articles for one site a few months ago and haven't bothered to do more since, but anyway, it's here.

A friend of mine also writes for the site, just much more than I do, and has a lot of interesting facts about beer that you never knew, plus some travel stuff and some crap about sports and other stuff. He also writes other articles about beer, and crap about sports and stuff here.

And if you happen to remember, this isn't the only blog I keep. No, I also have 1000 Words my photoblog, and Draw on my Boobs. I won't tell you what that is if you don't even know, just to get you to click.

Apologies if I've linked to this stuff before. Well, actually no, I mean I have linked to them before but by now I know no one's looking at the stuff, so there.

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