02/02 2020

Hey nerds, it's here! First completely palindromic date since 11/11 1111, which likely passed by with nary a notice by the average peasant, too busy ploughing the fields and eating turnips and dying of the plague to appropriately celebrate this momentus occasion. Don't know what day it is or even the year? No excuse!

Yeah I know the plague came later. The fever then, the common cold, anything really. Point is they didn't pay attention. Or at least I have no evidence that they did and assume, without any further investigation, that they didn't.

So it's up to us to mark this date. Which I just did, so that's done. I'm leaving you with an image that is entirely unrelated to the subject.


Ronald said...

Thanks for that. Now maybe I'm the second person to take note of such an momentus occasion? [ puffs one's chest out with pride]

Michelle said...

And here I thought I was the only one. Glad to know someone celebrates (or at least makes note of) these things.

I'd have another beer except I don't have any beer, and I haven't had a beer.