Monday, August 28, 2017

It's been..

It just has. I can't say good or bad or exciting or slow or exquisite because it hasn't, and it has. It's just been.

I seem to be still doing stuff, occasionally, semi regularly. I'm mostly doing the stuff that leads to stuff, only thing is, in my experience, the stuff never happens. Some stuff has, and some stuff will, but the stuff, the real stuff, never seems to pan out. But we'll see. Maybe this will be the month of stuff. Or perhaps next month, it's almost next month I can live with that.

So I'm working a bit, when I can. I go to actual castings well I went to one and I feel like I'm jinxing by mentioning it because it's taken this long to even get one for something real with a line and sort of appointment, but I want it to become a more regular thing, and ultimately, the stuff I want is the stuff it leads to.

Other stuff, well, I've had a long term sporadic correspondence with a person who I finally met the other day and we spoke together in a language that is both our second and I'm not sure if everything was clear, or what the job really is, or when it's supposed to start or if anything is ever going to come of it but that's a thing too, it might actually become a real thing. I won't hold my breath though, I've been much further along in something after having put in weeks and work and study that's not led to anything more, actually that's the story of this year so far so like everything we'll see.

Still hanging on here, still got power on, somehow. That's something.


Anonymous said...

It's been awhile so it's good to know you're still alive :)

Communicating via second languages is the stuff comedies are made of! Be sure you know what you're agreeing to :)

Michelle said...

Yes. Wait, what did I just agree to? Er, not going to go back and read what I wrote that you're replying to, but I think it might be before I was offered the thing I did today, or maybe it was, anyway I did it today. Wasn't sure what was going on, not sure if I'm getting paid for the full large number of extra hours I did I mean the others were talking about sending an sms to someone about it and no one told me, also start was 5:30am. Who starts shit at 5:30am? It's not civilized, I mean I'm not civilized but fuck, what the fuck is up with that.

Money was good generally but not necessarily for the number of hours or for the ridiculous uncivilized start or other stuff. And you're always clearly set apart from the actors, oh it was being an extra by the way, I mean I'm an actor, why aren't I there getting the proper treatment and proper food (catering on this one sucked by the way) and like, 12 times the pay for probably slightly fewer hours. That's where I should be and it's particularly vexing to be in a position to starkly compare the differences like that. Not that I'm complaining. All the time. Unless it's totally justified. If you look at it a certain way.