Sunday, July 23, 2017

I'm a hard working...


Some might say bullshit artist but that would be incorrect. I'm utterly um. what was that, just got distracted by some cat destruction. Fortunately all kitties are ok there's just a huge mess and breakages regarding some plants in the kitchen.

Anyway, I'm utterly hopeless at being duplicitous and shit. It's not that I'm terribly honest or anything, I'm just not that clever.

I have been acting. Today I was particularly hard working or at least working for many hours. Waking at the ungodly hour of 6am to get to the set and sweating through hours of mostly waiting around but also some dialogue and being smacked hard and grabbing balls and smoking. Then I got to spend almost an hour in various parts of the building as the director got caught up in some adventure trying to get money or whatever. One of them buildings where you need the key for everything, whatever. At least I didn't need to pee in a bottle like I did the other day when I got stuck in an elevator. That didn't really happen that was for a movie too.

Tomorrow I'm meeting a guy, for some film, bringing some clothes for outfits and doing, not sure what, but at least my call is for the civilized hour of 1400.

After that I'm back to being a hard working nothing. This never seems to last very long.

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