Friday, March 31, 2017

What I've been doing..

with my time.



Anonymous said...

Hey, it's good to see you move, and good to see you're more than able with a video camera. - nice bit of trickery (unless it's real magic). Good whistling too! :)

While I was there I checked out one of your 'talkies'. An impressive tone, flawlessly delivered. Just what I'd expect from an actress.

Sooooo... the Kat is real!

Michelle said...

sometimes I think I'm real, but I may be imagining it

I may have used a bit of creative editing on that last vid, it's part of the fun of all this technology stuff that the kids are all into these days..

yeah, I hope I'm getting better at this video stuff, I've been making one a day for over a month and it seems like I'm learning little but it is a small amount of time in the overall scheme of things

I'm glad you like my voice, I was weirded out by it when I first heard it but now I'm used to it

Anonymous said...

It's usually the case that people find it hard to like the sound of their recorded voice. I know I prefer not to hear mine, especially as I've failed to eradicate the dread midland tones! Don't ask!

It takes courage to sit or lie in front of a video camera, especially close up, and seamlessly deliver a monologue, whether scripted or not.

Have you ever been asked to do voice-over work for ads and stuff?

Michelle said...

well not exactly been asked to do but I did a bit of that for a language school, and I've applied for other voice over work but there are quite a lot of people doing it and well, like all the other acting stuff, I'm not in the class of people who are considered for these things, and on the odd occasion I have an opportunity to cast for it, I generally don't get it. I could change that if um, stuff and other stuff. Mostly stuff.

Anonymous said...

I think I can guess what the um other stuff is, at least I think I do. Isn't that tempting if it's just voice? Having said that, the um other stuff could be that tried tested and cliched method of actresses acquiring a job. Is that a step too far? It's personal choice I guess.

Michelle said...

actually I didn't mean anything like that at all, if you mean what I think you mean, I meant that if I was like, more established and talented and young and hard working and all those things that a successful actor is, and had been for some years, then I'd be more likely to get any work, or even an agent that notices me. I was just too lazy to articulate that. Now that I read it again I can see what I think you probably meant if you know what I mean.

Anonymous said...

Yes, I misunderstood due to the terms you COUCHED the statement in :)