Sunday, September 27, 2009

Tell you what, I'll accept the magic beer fairy, and we'll leave it at that.

The Pope was in Brno today. That's in the not Prague part of the Czech Republic.. I was there a few weeks ago. He was in Prague yesterday, but didn't speak to the peons, just some politics.. wonder why.. hmmm..

Well anyway, he had an interesting message to the crowd.. "Don't exclude God" he told the worshiping 100,000+ strong crowd.. I mean I wasn't there but they say the crowd was about that and I'm just assuming...

And it's annoying. I mean I know that's what these religious leaders do, and that they're mostly talking to (directly anyway) those who are already faithful but fuck. No, I won't include a non-existent deity into my life who if it did in fact exist would most certainly make said life much much worse.. and you my dear, have and should have no say in it. I know for you god is real and good, but you don't speak for the far far majority of people in the world, and to those people your words are OF NO IMPORTANCE and you should.. ya know.. fucking realize it.

Anyway.. more stupidity from the Ratz includes:

"History has demonstrated the absurdities to which man descends when he excludes God from the horizon of his choices and actions"

Um, no. Sorry dear. History has demonstrated that people can do horrendous things for all sorts of reasons but by far the most has been because of religion. I do accept that a lot of the time the religion is a front for ethnic and land disputes, but... well what he said is just rubbish, is all.

Oh and I love this bit..

"The 82-year-old pontiff's three-day visit comes as Czechs prepare to mark 20 years since their 1989 Velvet Revolution shook off a regime that had ruthlessly persecuted the Roman Catholic Church."

Waaaaaaaaaaaahh, waahhh.. Please. The Catholic Church should know a bit or 2 about persecution.. and I really don't know a whole lot about the history of Catholics in this country, but there weren't any burnings or flailings or whatnot. Just sayin..

And in other Pope related news.. Yesterday in Prague he was attacked by a "large arachid" :)


Barry Leiba said...

«And in other Pope related news.. Yesterday in Prague he was attacked by a "large arachid"»

Sent by God, one presumes, eh?

Vivianne said...

Michelle this has nothing to do with your last post... I have been reading your blog from 2007, how did you manage to finish your acting program with all the activities?! yesterday was my first one... i counted and sorted out coins, it was baaaad bad bad.... some people made a card house or origami, she found that brilliant! sometimes i feel like i have to read her mind, could you give me some ideas or help me out?!?! PLEASEEEE