Thursday, July 03, 2008

Just like the old days.

*Sheds wistful tear*

I came in to "work" this morning.. and I put "work" in quotation marks not because it's not really what I came to do but because my "office" where I work, though being a real office due to it being the place that I work, is also the home of a particular person who I know very well, apart from working with him.. which is why his place is my "office" and it's all relevant to the situation, in that it explains how it is that I came in to the "office" to find Hotel California playing continuously on the computer, and a man passed out on the floor.

Some people would react differently to this but I just stepped over him and got on the computer, not to do anything resembling work, but just to fiddle around online, as I often do, being that this is quite a familiar experience, one that happened a lot in the past, and felt quite like old times.

It's funny how, despite growing, learning new things, meeting new people and moving and all that, some things never change. Sure I'd rather hold on to the youth, beauty and being able to see properly, rather than get to experience coming in to find a body on the floor.. but you can't have everything..

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Esther said...

As long as it is not a dead body it's okay...And as long as it's not snoring.