Saturday, April 30, 2016

Burn em!

Good day to you from this final day of April of this year, yes, I'm getting in there to make sure I have at least one this month. Today is also the annual "Burning o' the witches" here in this country where people burn witches. No seriously. I mean not real witches that would be silly. And wrong. They're just fake witches. It all goes back to pagan times when they used to burn effigies of demons and spirits that represented winter.. then when they went all Christian they had these handy images of ugly women supposedly like the ones they burned for real, because they went around acting like they were human sometimes, so today they use this image, even though it's a bit of a strange and in some ways contradictory mish mash of traditions and mythology. It's even become a sort of hippy/pagan thing that people get drunk and do acid on, dressing up like the supposedly evil witches and everything. People are strange. Tomorrow is already may, can you believe that?


Anonymous said...

Aaah! You're back! Welcome!

I think we still burn witches, figuratively speaking. We convince ourselves life would be great if not for the socialists/conservatives/the religious/immigrants/the obese/the disabled/men/women/the bloke across the street (and much much more, the list could go on and on). In my case, when I was young child, there was a lady lived close-by, and she had what might be called a "funny eye". As a consequence, she would always give you a funny look. I think it was the "evil eye" and is responsible for the abundance of ordinariness my life has since been furnished with. Fucking witches!

I hope things are going well and you're in rude health.

Michelle said...

yeah, guess I am.. things are going averagely except for the electric and gas company, bosses, neighbours, tourists, um, anyone else? yeah.. burn em I say, burn em all!