Monday, July 21, 2014


I never used to have problems upkeeping this blog thing here. I scoffed at those who started blogs and let them lie idle for weeks, months, years even. Not that I've been terribly prolific during all of my blogging career, but I always come back with something after about.. well no longer than.. well not too long whatever too long is.

Ok so I didn't scoff.. I just didn't, do that.

Now, I kind of am. I get it. Even I, who will write about anything, nothing, about writing about nothing, a very vague outline based on my boring life, the weather etc etc etc, has, well nothing to write about. What does one write about? Well.. this, I suppose.

I'm hoping I'll get that subjects thing back, I used to have subjects, long ago. I dimly recall.


Ronald said...

Am I one of those you did/didn't (delete where applicable) scoff at? :)

I've found I have problems writing because I'm becoming more narcissistically, self-absorbedly, into and up myself! I find myself having all sorts of thoughts about my life, and how I fit (or don't fit) into the world at large. It's all airy fairy, pretentious, piffle. So I never get to write about it. I pine for the old days when I could write about socks, crumpets, the local railway, and the dogs.

You'd think being retired I'd be able to post at least once a week, wouldn't you? Ha! I wouldn't have thought it possible, but you can have so much time on your hands, you become effectively paralysed!

Michelle said...

Hehe.. I have to admit, you were one I was thinking of, particularly as I figured if anyone at all is reading this it would be you. And I didn't really scoff.. just, well noticed that people did that.

I have pretty much all the time in the world myself, it's not the time that's the issue, I think I understand what you're saying. I could spin yarns about the most trivial things and go on about what's happening to me every single day, even those days, which take up the bulk of days, where literally nothing happens. I just don't want to write about that kind of meaningless crap, not all the time anyway.

I kind of remember there were times I had, if not deeper things to write about, at least more general, universal, subject type stuff.. maybe I'm imagining it all, but I just don't get that inspiration anymore.

Anyway, I can always type about a bunch of drivel which might have a clever turn of phrase in it somewhere. Just need to get back into the swing of it.

Ronald said...

Start swinging!

I'm a firm believer in, "It's not what you say but the way that you say it!". Though having said that, why isn't my blog bursting with posts?

Michelle said...

Oh I'm sure you'll update at some point. I will update soon, hopefully. If I don't think of anything to write, well, you know me I'll write it anyway.

That doesn't actually make any sense, but you know what I mean.

Ronald said...

Do I have you on my new blog list? I thought I alerted you to a new post. I was wondering what had happened to you.

Anonymous said...

Is this tantamount to blog-whoring?