Saturday, June 01, 2013

Hey.. another month!

It's June now. Still not working, still not ready to start for one reason or another, it's raining, still not doing any theatre and still haven't finished editing the one small very modest video we shot a few months ago and haven't gotten a chance to do the other shoot that's been on the agenda for months because it keeps raining on the weekend. I have some new videos, well one.. it's nothing, I just made it so I'd have at least one single upload for the month, and didn't manage to edit the other one yet (see above) because of an inability to use audio editing software, partly anyway.. and of course I didn't make, edit or do any all month otherwise... and I have another that's not really new, actually it's about a month old, the one I uploaded at the end of last month so I'd have something... but no one's looked at it yet so it's kinda new.

I mean, the whole point of setting myself the modest goal of uploading one fucking thing at least a month was to motivate me to make these videos, edit, upload and have a whole lot of material, get better and better at doing this stuff.. but, every month I manage to scrape through, quickly editing something or shooting something pointless just so I have one.. I'm going to have to set myself more difficult or specific goals, I think.. something I can easily fail at.. maybe I'd do better :). I don't know.. maybe I should stop worrying about any of this and just, get a job already.

I wish it would stop raining.

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