This is an example of impressionist photography. I don't know if that even exists but that's what I'm calling this. 


The Equinox

The equinox, a 24 hour cycle in which is half dark half light basically. It works wherever you are in the world, north or south, equator proximate or polar... ish. Apparently. 

Well that's today, for everyone. At 10.24pm (22:24 for grownups). I mean you have to account for time zones. And actually I'm not sure if it's the same day for the spring and vernal equinoxes in their respective hemispheres but everything I've stated in this post is close enough to true that it's good enough for me. 

There's a post, probably for this month. Who said I couldn't be topical? *

Anyway here's another picture of me. 

Don't worry it's not my blood.

*probably no one


So this is me



It's a recent one. I don't really like it.


F it all.

Today, I will be practicing F chord. Mostly the open version if you must know. It turns out I've been playing it all wrong. 30 years of playing the guitar and I don't even know how to play the f-ing chord? 

Admittedly my years of playing have been on and off with more off than on. Still quite pitiful.

So here I am, playing one note, over and over. Fun times. 


Changes and such

So  some things have changed since I last wrote.. or rather since I was in the habit of writing more often than I have of late... 

I changed work. I think, I don't know, when did I last write and what did I write. I could look it up I suppose. I like what I do enough. Still has it's problems but I'm not making enough money.  I still don't have a guitar. Did I mention I really want one and don't have one and haven't had one since all my stuff was stolen a year and a half ago... I did play the guitar briefly once, about 2 months ago, I was quite high and drunk so I reckon I wasn't very good.

I don't think that's changed so much in 6 months actually. I have moved. I was in a hostel for a year. Almost a fucking year. Sad but a friend's misfortune gave me an opportunity to live somewhere else as cheaply as I was in that shithole, without needs for deposit and stuff.. and it's better. It's still... it's still something suitable for someone of my station.. but it's better.

Oh and I changed my relationship status. That was before moving. It's  a good thing and I don't regret it, I mean it wasn't entirely my choice this change was a group endeavor if you know what I mean but it was the right thing. Still, I can't help feeling a bit lonely and aimless.. and a lady of my age... well it's not easy.

So some changes but mostly things suck, maybe not as bad as they did, I don't know.

So I'll finish with an image of Louis XIV, who's record remains safe for the time being. I actually don't have new photos, what am I doing with my life!




What the hell

 It's  been almost 6 months, I might as well post a photo at least. 

Taken today, September 2022. In fact I couldn't post one from earlier, not straight from the phone anyway because I had to do a full reset because of a problem and I backed everything up at least I thought I did but stuff disappeared anyway.. I mean not the photos but stuff you know.

It may not be the most significant thing over a 6 month period, but it's a thing. Anyway hi.



A bunch of springy images

 Just to keep the blog going.

Not much to say about them but you can google translate the title to Finnish or something to make it seem more interesting.


Plus les jolies images



Because why not.